Distilled water shortage

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#1: Post by fizguy »

I went to two supermarkets and a target this evening but the shelves of all were devoid of distilled water! Is this local to me (Baltimore, MD area) or have others experienced it too?

In the end I bought a gallon of purified water, which sounds like distilled water + added minerals. This is exactly what I do with the third wave water packets but of course I have no idea how much was added to this gallon. The cheap test strips I have suggest it is pretty low so I think I will use it and hope the distilled water supply resumes!


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Reverse Osmosis (RO) water works with 3rd Wave packets. It's likely that the Purified water you bought is RO but reading the label should list what they added to the water after RO process. I think it's best if nothing is added after RO process.

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#3: Post by homeburrero »

Most bottles labelled "purified with minerals added" will not have much mineral, but are often spiked with calcium chloride, which isn't ideal. Best to check the label for actual contents. If it says purified on the bottle and it's unclear whether minerals were added you can verify it with an inexpensive TDS meter -- it will read a few ppm or less if no minerals were added, and you can use it same as you would distilled.
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#4: Post by Jeff »

We've had "runs" where the affordable sources of pre-bottled, distilled water (Target, Smart & Final) have been mysteriously out for weeks at a time.

We've now got a ZeroWater pitcher as a backup. Our tap water is generally soft, so it isn't crazy expensive if we have to go that route.

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#5: Post by yakster »

Just went grocery shopping this week and I had to search behind the bottles of spring water to find the last bottle of distilled water at my local store in San Jose, CA. Not sure why the run on it.

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