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Could I install a water spiggot/filler station/faucet in this sink hole, that also runs off the same filter, and connect both this new faucet/spiggot and the direct plumbed machine?

I have in my mind a brass t-connector, such as: ... lsrc=aw.ds)

That would sit ABOVE the sink hole, visible, at the base of the newly added faucet, thus allowing the filtered water line to power both the water filler faucet as well as run from the T-connector a braided line over to the ECM for direct plumb.

Don't know if this is feasible but would be nice for fresh filtered water for iced americano, cold brew, drip coffee, and even hot americano with fresh heated water (vs potentially stale boiler water).


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Hi all, I am sorry if this thread is bloated. I still haven't figured this problem out and hoping for a bit more assistance if anyone has knowledge. Allow me to rephrase my question as it may bring clarity:

I am hoping that my spare, unused kitchen sink hole could do dual duty as filtered beverage faucet AND 3/8 line out to plumbed ECM espresso machine.

Originally, I was just going to run a metal braided 3/8 line out the hole to the machine. Then I thought, what a waste. I'm going to have this perfectly filtered coffee water, and running a braided line through the hole looks a tad ugly. I'd love to use the spare hole as a water spigot for filling my kettle when making drip coffee, too!

Is there a way to get a spigot above the sink hole that has another 3/8 output built in to run a line from? Either a spigot that has this feature included, or a non hideous way to mount it with additional hardware (like a T valve?). The idea is to make the single extra sink hole do double duty as a filtered water spigot and the braided line out for plumbing the espresso machine with pressurized filtered water.

Thank you for any help!

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If I wanted to do that, I'd Find the faucet I wanted to use and make a black Delrin spacer with room for a right angle John Guest to fit beside the faucet stem. I have a small machine shop so stuff like that is doable for me. Might have to make the spacer big so I could mount the faucet to the opposite edge of the hole, leaving room for the fitting. Or that's how I'd start until it worked or didn't!


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I think this is going to be a custom job to do it the way you plan.

One thing that you could do is replace your existing faucet for one that has hookups for regular hot/cold and a separate hookup (under the sink) for filtered water leaving the extra sink hole free to plumb in your espresso machine. You'd then probably just use a T to feed the filtered water to the faucet and the espresso machine.

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Ira, might you be up for hire for making me a custom fabbed riser for the spigot so I could T off the line at the base of the new spigot? I could send you pictures/video/measurements.

Sounds like this would need to be a custom job. The other idea would be a diverter: ... B07MMJW9B6

But I think it would depressurization the espresso machine every time I used the faucet, and it's not as clean of a design to to sit at the kitchen sink like that permeneantly. An always pressurized line running off from the base of the new faucet at the rear, that doesn't lose pressure when I use the new faucet to fill something, would be best.

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Sorry, I was thinking two hoses, one 1/4" to the faucet and another 3/8 to the espresso machine. Unless the faucet it being used at the same time the machine is filling there won't be an issue and even then unless you have a very limited supply there should not be a problem anyway. And if you're worried, just put a one way valve in the supply to the machine.



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Ira, I see, two hoses, with a small spacer with a hole in the back to allow the other hose to escape. With the filtered lines running on a splitter from the water filter under the sink?

Actually, that makes a lot of sense and is the most simple. Great idea. So a 1/2" or 3/4" Spacer in a "C" shape would do the trick?


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Basically this, but 1" tall? ... Spacer.htm

It wouldn't need any threading, the faucet could just sit on top? Check out the picture with the diagram on this faucet:

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I wasn't thinking C, but yes, something like that. You'd probably not want a C because of the potential for leakage, but that's the idea.