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Used to be able to pick up CG Olancha regularly on the north side of Denver. Now all I can find is Ouachita. Anyone have a line on where I can track Olancha down in Denver metro/Boulder? I've tried regular spots like Wal-mart, Kroger, Safeway, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Target, Home Depot, Lowes...

Iirc chloride was high on oachita and maybe something else made it less than ideal.

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Here's a link to a post containing the chart EricS put together around CG a few years ago. As Pat notes, things probably change a bit year to year.

From, "Ouachita" seems like the Norman, AK source. I'm not a water expert, but the Calcium hardness and total alkalinity in the 80s is a lot higher than the waters that I use. Edit: 2019 water report shows 87 and 93.

Pat's great chart at Good references on water treatment for coffee/espresso seems to indicate that those numbers are likely to deposit scale at unacceptable rates for many.

Unamusingly, I've found "Weed" and "Olancha" on the same shelf at the same retailer on the same day.

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Hey Jeff. Thx. Read all that awhile ago. Now that I can't find olancha any longer near the house, time to figure out if someone in Denver metro has seen it and where or work on plan B.