Decent Coffee Cart Plumbed In.

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At around 2:15 in this video, the inventor of the Decent espresso machine shows you the underbelly of his coffee cart. I've seen on their website the materials for the coffee rinser and the pump to service the rinser. He mentions a "Catering Kit - a pump that feeds the espresso machine." I don't see that on his web site. Does anyone know any details on that part?

I'm considering doing something similar in the cabinets below my coffee station, since I don't have direct access to water where it is going to be. I might just do the rinser and not plumb in the espresso machine (haven't decided on which one yet) but I would like to plumb in a drain to a bottle for the drip tray. Can that be done on just about any drip tray? He has both the drip tray and the rinser hooked up to the same bottle.. I'd be interested in seeing how that's done. I have a bunch of 5 gallon carboy bottles to use for this setup.

Is there a tutorial video anywhere on how to set all this up?


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There are many threads like this one. Espresso Cart - Goodbye Plumbed In
You may have to browse or search to find the detail about rinse basin and drip tray .
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#3: Post by caeffe »

The link provided by Flint is a good one if you want to plumb in.
If you're wondering where the parts are to do it just like how Decent does it: There are other vendors that can also provide you a plumbing kit - see Chris Coffee for example; I think Flint's link has references to it there.

From the Decent website:
Refill Kit
The refill kit lets you plumb in your Decent Espresso Machine.

The refill kit comes in 3 parts:

A catering kit for connecting to a water tank
A plumbing kit for connecting to pressurized water
A drain kit for sending dirty water away.

You can buy the refill kit or any of its components at any time.
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blutch (original poster)

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Thank you for this link. I wasn't planning to get a Decent (can't afford it) but I really like this concept and hoping to find something similar for the machine I end up buying. I do not want to plumb into my house's water supply, but this looks like a great option to me.


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A day or two ago I posted a new chapter on my blog covering the plumbing in of my Decent: Chapter 166 - Plumbing the Decent DE1XL. I am awaiting the plumbed drip tray delivery, but this chapter covers the rest. Some of you may remember my two articles Plumbing in an Espresso Machine - Part 1 and Part 2. I referred to those original "Coffee College" articles in the blog chapter and was shocked that I did that original plumbing job almost exactly ten years ago (April 2011)!
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