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I've been using Crystal Geyser water exclusively in my QM Anita over the years, and just upgraded to a Vetrano 2B EVO. Chris Coffee provided water hardness test strips with the new machine, so I tested out the latest CG gallon, and the water hardness was great! Not too low, but far below the hardness level that starts to impact scale buildup. Recommend CG water to anyone using a reservoir tank like me.

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Some Crystal Geyser does have moderately low hardness and good alkalinity but you can't assume that -- it depends on the bottling source. Look for the fine print on the bottle which will indicate one of seven bottling sources:
Benton, TN
Johnstown, NY
Moultonborough, NH
Mount Shasta, (aka Weed) CA
Norman, AR
Olancha Peak, CA
Salem, SC

There are large differences in important parameters between each of these sources. For example, the Mt. Shasta (Weed CA) source has clearly non-scaling hardness and alkalinity, but the Johnstown NY source would be very scale-prone.

You can get a complete analysis for each CG water source from their FAQ:

A while back, Eric Svendson (EricS) provided us with a handy table showing the values in one place. His table shows the SCAA target and a calculated calcium hardness number for each water, which is handy. It may be a little different than the latest reports but not by much.

See the Eric's table here: Blonding too fast. Profitec 700.
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Thanks for the chart link, very helpful. I'm in CA so all the CG water I buy was sourced from one of the 2 CA locations, but good to know there are other locations that exceed ideal hardness levels.