Critique my proposed water please!

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I am plumbing my Lelit Bianca and supplying it from a 5 gallon reservoir. Utilizing the forum's resources I have been planning my water supply. Please critique my selection and let me know what you think! I am seeking a balance between taste and longevity of the machine. I will be descaling annually nonetheless.

Thank you friends!

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That looks like a good recipe for pourover coffee, but maybe not the best for espresso. The chloride is not way high but any chloride may contribute to corrosion so would be best to avoid. I'd suggest leaving the calcium chloride out, and try it with the magnesium sulfate and without it. If you don't think the magnesium sulfate gives you an improved taste, then I'd recommend leaving that out as well.

There is a recipe called the rpavlis recipe - named for the late Robert Pavlis, a chemistry professor and lever machine espresso aficionado who often gave us sage water advice. His recipe contains nothing but 100 mg/L potassium bicarbonate (50 mg/l CaCO3 equivalent). A recent poll shows how very popular it is with members on this site: Poll: What DIY Water Recipes Do You Use for Espresso? .
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Thanks for the feedback! ^_^ I was concerned about chloride. It's unfortunate that there is no consensus among manufacturers on how much chloride is too much chloride.

I will try Robert Pavlis' recipe! If the outcome tastes great then it will make sense to leave it at that. If it's not broken, don't fix it right? And it minimizes the number variables involved!