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#1: Post by emradguy »

The guys that service local shops near me say they're installing these in commercial applications, but don't have any for home use...but recommend it for my home. Apparently, they're working on a lass waste producing housing or something for home users.

I kind of want to try it out though, and was wondering...

1) can anyone report back on the ones they bought about 2 years ago?

2) does anyone know where to buy one? I haven't called the manufacturer, but it'll have to be my next step.


#2: Post by Ciaran »

The media in this cartridge goes by several names - Template Assisted Crystallization, Nucleation Assisted Crystallization, etc. There's a pretty good explanation of it here - ... il2011.pdf

Other companies selling essentially the same product - ScaleXpro, Watts Oneflow, I think Pelican did too.

It's a one-trick pony though and there are interferences that affect performance - specifically Iron. There is no way to test the water coming out of the filter as it's chemically unaltered. For carbon, ion exchange, WAC, RO, Greensand - these all can be tested and verified. I have spoken with a couple of people who have tried this media and report that it appears to be effective for scale control in light to moderately hard water; less than 7 gpg generally.