Chicago tap water quality and filtering options

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It has been over an year since I started giving the quality of my tap water any serious consideration and I am just marginally less confused now :shock:
I thought about going with rpavlis water, but I just can't see myself lugging gallons of distilled water and mixing with precision on a regular basis. So, I settled on using tap water that I filtrate, then soften. However, lately I have become equally concerned with both scale and corrosion. A stainless steel boiler seems more likely to corrode, much to my dismay.
This is the countertop filter, that I have been using so far: ... x-mr-1060/

Followed by in reservoir softener (not sure if it is ion exchange, says nothing on the box):

I am thinking about adding a second, seemingly highly regarded pitcher filter, which claims to remove chloride and sulfate: ... and-filter

From the Chicago municipal water report it seems that the chloride and sulfate are not too high, but I might be interpreting it wrong, however TDS is high: ... _Q1-Q4.pdf

I do measure my in tank water hardness with Hach strips from time to time, just to make sure it is actually softened. But it just feels like I might be overlooking something, or taking ineffective steps, so your comments or suggestions would be most welcome.

Thank you!
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The hardness level of Lake Michigan water is close to ideal for coffee, and the chlorine can be taken out by a simple Brita filter. So I use it straight, and descale my machine every three years or so. If you never want to descale, I recommend using 50% filtered tap water and 50% distilled. The Zero Water pitchers are convenient for this, or just buy distilled or near distilled at the store.
Jim Schulman

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Thanks Jim, this is great news!
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