BWT Water Filter - Digital Readout Flashing

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BaristaBoy E61

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Might anyone have any idea why the digital readout is flashing, as the cartridge is no where near exhausted based on cartridge capacity and usage? The counter still reads over 2200-litres left. It is almost a year old though...

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Are you going to make me open a G-D manual?

I'm kidding... Looking for an open box with a manual in it...

So, apparently, yes. They do know when the service year is ending.

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BaristaBoy E61 (original poster)

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Thanks John, I wouldn't post or ask without thoroughly reading all the literature myself. The documentation does not mention 'Timed' expiration, only usage by volume measured in litres. This is what I expected.

Cartridge is good for 2570-litres. Consumed after about a year, 278-litres. Still have left 2292-litres. What a shame!

My guess is that no harm would come to us if we continue using this cartridge till exhausted because it's sealed, always in use daily with very little standing water and flushed on average 1-litre of water per day.

Next time with accurate knowledge of daily use, we would purchase the smallest replacement cartridge and perhaps use the flush valve to fill up a drinking water pitcher. However, because the flow meter is situated after the filter, it will not register any additional use, just the espresso machine.
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