BWT jug + filter - Recommended to discard water after 24 hrs

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Hello, I'm just doing a bit of research on the BWT jug and filters. On YT, comments from the official channel recommend discarding water after 24 hours if its been in the jug.

Would the same recommendations apply to water in a reservoir? I've seen the BWT jugs and pouches recommended for espresso machines, so how would that work with water that in the boiler for longer than 24 hours assuming you make 2-4 drinks a day?


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We save flushed BWT hot water from the hot water spigot used to preheat espresso cups into a canning jar for refrigeration so that my wife can then use the accumulated filtered water in her automatic Braun drip coffee maker, thus having fewer issues with scaling in the Braun. The copper from the boiler is also somewhat of a 'natural' disinfectant.

How's that for recycling & water conservation!
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OrangeBubblegum wrote:On YT, comments from the official channel recommend discarding water after 24 hours if its been in the jug.
That was a surprise to me, but it appears to be the official line from BWT: wrote: Where and for how long can I best store the filtered water?
It is best to store the filtered water in your refrigerator. Our models are ideal for most refrigerator doors on the market. The filtered water should not be stored for more than 24 hours. If the water is left in the jug for more than 24 hours, pour the water away and filter fresh water.
and wrote:What do I have to consider when filtering?
... The BWT filtered water is intended for short-term use. It may not be exposed to direct sunlight and is to be stored in a cool place no longer than 24 hours. If the filtered water stands in the water filtering system for longer than 24 hours, white marks may be left in the jug through the evaporation of the water, which can easily be removed by cleaning. ...
That last one seems to imply that the concern has to do with evaporation leaving a residue in the jug, which doesn't make much sense for 24 hours in a closed container in a fridge. Even if you're using it to filter very hard water. Much of BWT's product literature makes no sense to me.

I think you're OK treating it like any other charcoal or carbon filtered water, or any bottled or recipe water, which are devoid of chlorine disinfectant, and require some attention to avoiding microbial growth in the reservoir by periodically removing and cleaning it.

You could play it safe and use a jug filter that doesn't have this caveat. My preference is the Brita Longlast, which not only has no magical magnesium nonsense, but also has no ion exchange resins at all.
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