BWT Bestmax issues - no water coming through

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I have just purchased a BWT bestmax for my water system. There is no water coming through.

It looks like the water is blocked. Am I supposed to make a hole in the inlet side so that water can pass through? Or is the non return valve dodgy?

Really need


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Welcome to HB Kevin

Make sure you've followed the direction and have the filter screwed in tight and not cross threaded. Do you have a pressure regulator with a gauge that is indicating proper or any line pressure; what does it read?

Does any water exist the Best Head straw? What bypass do you have the head set to?
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Gohil87 (original poster)

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Hi Baristaboy,

I do not have a pressure regulator.
Is this something I need?

I'm not sure what my water pressure is. Will a too high pressue stop the water entering the unit?

That's what is happening right now. No water enters the cartridge.

Im not sure what the besthead straw is.
The bypass setting is 2. But it doesn't matter what setting is used, no water comes through.

When I undo the besthead and poke a stick onto the inlet, it's like..some pressue release and a spray of water comes out.


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The BWT cartridge should just screw into the inlet / outlet bracket. Outside of taking the cap off of the cartridge, there should be nothing else to do. I would make sure you have the directional flow aligned correctly. The pressure reduction valve is good to have so you can adjust your pressure to the machine as most manufacturers have a recommended inlet

I'm currently using a newer bracket but you can see on my original bracket the water flow indicating arrow as well as the inlet and outlet ports. Yours should look similar.


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Not sure if you've seen this but it is a good video for BWT setup

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Note that at about 4:05 in Todd's video that Jasper linked he mentioned that sometimes the BWT flowmeter ships with a plug in the inlet and/or outlet side that you need to remove.
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Gohil87 (original poster)

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Hi all, thanks for your help here

So the water isn't getting through the inlet in the besthead. It seems like every time I turn my water back on the valve seems to just shut, not allowing the water to pass.

When I take it apart and press gently into the the besthead inlet with a thin drillbit, the valve seems to release and some water sprays out

I presume this is the locking valve that bwt have in their heads. So with the water connected and the cartridge off, when I press the valve on the side wall (where the inlet is), for a brief moment water shoots out.

This valve is the problem. Not sure what to do.


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Double check to see if you have the inlet/outlet head in the right orientation for flow. First time i set mine up i had it backwards and no water came out as you described.