Bulk-Source Distilled/Demineralized Water Storage Practice?

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With the RO/demineralized stations opening up again here, I'm considering switching to "home brew" water over my usual CG "Weed" water. Not so much for cost, but for control. No complaints with CG Weed, but always looking for ways to meaningfully improve my coffee, as well as cutting down on plastic waste.

This entails refilling bottles of some sort and keeping them relatively clean from bio-contaminants.

I consume roughly a pint of water a day, so I'm probably looking at around a week to ten days of "open time" on a gallon.

What are people using for refilling in terms of material and sizes? Glass, Tritan, HDPE, ... ? Round, rectangular, refrigerator-style with spigot, ... ?

How are you sanitizing them between uses?

Are the two-gallon ones, open for a couple weeks, felt to be more of a bio-risk than a one-gallon one?

What about the mineral concentrates? LDPE wash bottles? Glass bottles with caps? Or ...?

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I'll weigh in, although I can't say I know much about bottles and sanitation.

I use a little more water than you, but still less than 1 liter per day. I refill de-ionized, UV sanitized water from my local whole foods and store it in a 2 gallon BPA free rectangular plastic jug with spigot that they sell. ( this one .) I've not been especially careful - I wash it with a little dish detergent and rinse well with chlorinated tap between refills, but keep it un-refrigerated and exposed to some natural light (not in a dark cabinet). I've never had a problem with mold, biofilm, etc in the jug or in my 2.9L machine reservoir.

I was fortunate in that my local Whole Foods kept their water kiosks available the whole time they were open. They use a Santa Fe company - https://www.freshpure.com/ . That site has a recommendation for disinfecting the reusable bottles with household bleach that is more stringent than what I've been doing: https://www.freshpure.com/how-to-clean- ... ces-guide/ . I'll probably switch to doing the household bleach treatment.
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I bought two cases of glass one gallon bottles after using plastic for many years. Pretty happy so far with handling, the small hook on the neck works well.
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