Best remineralization water filter

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#1: Post by ShotClock »

Have been using RO water with a remineralization filter as our tap water has rather a lot of chlorides. The remineralization filter is an iSpring FA15US, which uses calcite.

Is there a better filter for taste and/or scale? Pretty certain that i can't be bothered making batches of water with concentrated minerals...


#2: Post by Grant »

Can't help your filter quest, but I skip the concentrate step. I purchase (refill) 19l bottles of RO water. Dissolve 2g of potassium into about 1/4 cup of hot boiler water and dump it in (top up the bottle), shake it up a bit and off to the races. Pretty easy and takes 2 minutes for 19l...

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#3: Post by nguye569 »

What kind of numbers are you getting with their system?

I'm getting around mid 20's ppm on TDS using the Home Master Artesian Full Contact system. It also uses a calcite type filter, but I believe the water is circulated through the filter twice?