Aqua Panna vs Poland Springs not getting good crema

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Since I switched to Aqua Panna on my LMLM I haven't got that good crema like I did when I used Poland springs?

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Not sure what the question is!

Try switching back?
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Aren't you worried about scale? I know LM recommends but...

Crazy question, are your beans sufficiently rested?

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5280grindz wrote:Aren't you worried about scale? I know LM recommends but...

Some LM online advice recommends Acqua Panna, but it is above their usual recommendations for hardness and alkalinity, including the latest LMLM manual (V 1.3) . Also, if you run it through the current LM water calculator you get this:


So if the Poland Spring (which is very soft) tastes as good or better, then by all means stick with that and avoid dealing with scale buildup in your machine.

As to the effect of the different waters on the crema, I'm at a loss as to what it might be. People who use conventionally softened hard water (with high alkalinity and low hardness) sometimes report a high crema volume that dissipates quickly. There's an old thread related to that: Water hardness and crema. I would have guessed that Acqua Panna with the high hardness and alkalinity might have given you if anything a little more crema than the very soft water.
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