La Valentina

The water tap is fixed above the driptray. The steam arm works equally well straight ahead or to the left side, so very little side-clearance is required. Allocating 24 inches of counter space for La Valentina and a grinder allows for generous elbowroom; the pair could fit in as little as 22 inches.

La Valentina doesn’t have a lot of right angles. The machines overall shape is that of a pyramid, slightly cocked forward, with its top sliced off at a sloping angle towards the front. All depths shown below are measured with it against the wall, measuring from the wall to the front of the machine.

Width: base 10½”, top 9”
Depth: base 17½”, top 14½”
Depth including driptray handle: 18½”
Depth with portafilter in place: 21½”
Height: front 14¾”, back 16½”

Cup clearances, all measurements from the driptray surface:

To bottom of grouphead: 5½”
To bottom of double-spout: 3”
To bottom of single-spout: 3½”
To bottom of portafilter (spout removed): 4¼”

The cup warming tray narrows towards the back. Below are its dimensions:

Width: front 9”, back 7½”
Depth: 9½”

The cup warmer easily accommodates eight standard demitasse cups and nine if they are “Milano style.” You can place two small cappuccino cups in the back row (six ounces), two in the second row (7.5 ounces), and three demitasse cups in the front row (2.5 ounces).