Helor 106 · Manual Grinder User Review

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From HB member mdmvrockford's review of the Helor 106:

Image This is the hand-powered equivalent of a reference level, well-aligned conical burr grinders such as the Monolith Conical version 1 through 3. The Helor 106 uses the same 71mm burr set as the Mazzer Robur.

The Helor 106/Flux with large gear housing mechanism is 2185 grams on my food scale. Its grip area circumference is no more than Helor 101, but its overall heft may not appeal to some users. Thanks to its 4:1 gear reduction, turning the grinder is easy; optionally, you can connect top axle to power drill to get "automated" grinding.

Grinding 17 grams for espresso light to medium roast takes 35 to 40 seconds with really fast clockwise turning of handle (it requires more time to grind due to gear reduction). The magnetic lower catch cup attaches to 58mm baskets for easy portafilter filling. Effectively zero retention using Ross Droplet Technique (RDT).

SUMMARY: If you hate hand grinders, then the 106 will do nothing to change your opinion. If you love the Helor 101, then you will love the 106, too. How do you know if hand grinding is right for you? Dominick summarized it nicely in his review of the BPlus Apollo, citing their high value-for-dollar, portability, travel friendliness, and quiet operation.

If you think Monolith grinders or similar grinders are overpriced, then you also will think this grinder is overpriced. But if you appreciate a hefty, precision grinder and don't mind an extra minute of easy turning of a crank for your morning espresso, the Helor 106 can't be beat.

Rating: ★★★★★ (5 out of 5)

Reviewed on March 15th, 2021

Perfect rating from me has not changed since I first bought this Spring 2019. This is in-the-cup equivalent of reference aligned Titan conical burr like Monolith Conical versions 1 to 3. I have directly compared it to Monolith version 1. There are posts on home-barista of owners of Monolith Conical V3 and Helor 106 stating same. This perfect rating, as my full user review states, assumes user does not mind hand-powered grinders.

Since my Spring 2019 review post, a correction I should mention is the the gear reduction ratio is 4:1. And this is for original Helor 106 (also known as Helor Flux). Also the version on sale at helor.com since 1/2021 has smaller top cap that houses the gear reduction mechanism. I do not know the newer version's gear reduction ratio.

Also I would direct those interested in Helor 106 (and Helor 101 as they have same style grind adjustment) to review this post of mine for a tip to keep track of various dose adjustments. It is post #18 (April 29, 2019) in the thread that has my initial review. This review does not allow URI listing.

Lastly, another positive aspect is Helor 106 paired with manual lever espresso machine makes for very quiet espresso preparation.