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Pogo007 wrote:I'm guessing that you don't weigh the dose coming out of the Zero
The Zero is remarkably consistent. If one puffs the grinder, the net is ≈0.25g less than load. If no puff, out is very close to in. Verified with a 0.01g scale that repeats to ±0.01g with many coffees over about 3½ years.


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interesting thread. I always hear "get your puck preparation right" on various forums, but most times it's a soundbite and not backed up with any thoughts.

But nevertheless, I became obsessed with puck preparation. At the moment I'm overdoing it. I'm doing WTD with a Duomo The Eight, Bravo Distributor and then tamp. But a month ago got the Weber Key which also does WTD with the Magic Tumbler.

I still get the odd puck spraying, even when doing the whole routine exactly the same. It's not the tamper because I use the Bravo, which is consistent.

The biggest variable I find is the changing nature of the beans as I go through a bag. The grind has to be ever so slightly finer as the beans age,

I'm enjoying coffee, but there are some sage comments above. It's easy to get caught up in prep, and then forget to taste the coffee.

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stephenmsis wrote:The grind has to be ever so slightly finer as the beans age
Not if you break into smaller two-to-three-day lots and freeze.

Perhaps one in five coffees do I have to adjust toward the end of five pounds.