Why do shot glasses only display up to 40 ml?

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#1: Post by DJL »

A single shot of espresso is 30 ml, a double is 60 ml (Doh!), yet shot glasses only display 40 ml? Even filled to the rim it's less than 60 ml. What's up with this? Are they trying to up sell me into buying 2 :-)


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#2: Post by HB »

That looks like a stock whiskey shot glass that they logo'd. The shot glasses explicitly for espresso I have are marked at 30 and 60 ml (or 1 ounce, 1.5 ounces, and 2 ounces to the top), though I have a few that are similar to yours, i.e., they are logo'd whiskey shot glasses.
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#3: Post by DJL »

So coffee gear shops are selling whiskey glasses as espresso shot glasses?

Here's a link to some Rhino "coffee" shot glasses, still only go up to 40 mil...I'm so confused. :)

https://idrinkcoffee.com/products/rhino ... shot-glass


#4: Post by chipman »

The solution is to not use shot glasses. I would use a scale to measure the shot.

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#5: Post by Almico »

I would argue that 60ml is a triple...even more.


#6: Post by sluflyer06 »

Does it matter? Nobody pulls by volume anymore.

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#7: Post by RapidCoffee »

I agree about using weight, but it's occasionally nice to have a shot glass showing volume. Here's one that I purchased many years ago from Espresso Supply:

Espresso Parts sells larger volume shot glasses with an interesting logo:
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#8: Post by Marcelnl »

probably what it comes down to is a matter of origin...in Russsia a coke (or softdrink) glass of 10-12 US ounces is likely regarded a shot glass if my memory serves me right (yet it could be that vodka induced Korsakov interferes here).
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#9: Post by belegnole »

A shot is a different volume depending on where you are. Even then I like using a large one once and awhile.
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#10: Post by yakster »

An ounce is a different volume depending on where you are too.

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