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another_jim wrote:wondering if there is a kind of generational effect. People who started out with VST or Stada baskets, which use fine grinds, may be OK with them. But people who started out on the web in the aughts, and were overdosing conventional baskets with coarse grinds, may have had a hard time using the same high doses with fine grinds.
That's an interesting point, and I think there's something to that. For myself, I started out in 2016, and one of the things I got with my equipment was an IMS basket. So I started to learn on the IMS. Maybe half a year later, I got a VST, and I liked the effect on the lighter roasts I pull, so I've stuck with that. But, as you suggested, I have about 8 years of experience with the VST basket, vastly outpacing my experience on any other kind of basket, so I'm very comfortable with it. That said, I don't updose. I use traditional doses and brew ratios, just on a VST basket.