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Great information. I did read the post about different ways to get the same results. That said, I would prefer the shorter wait time as I'm getting pretty good at preparing the puck.

On my Anita, pressurestat oscillates between 1.0 and 1.2, avg 1.1 i guess. Flushing to 185 and waiting until GH is 198 took 3 minutes this morning which is about what Eric had mentioned in the other post. I complete the grind at about the time my GH is 185. Within 10-15 seconds, my puck is ready and I am putting the PF back in the group until it all comes up to 198; then I pull. GH temp goes way up but by the end, I'm reading 197 or 198.

Eric, was your PF in the GH during recover in your tests? I seems that you don't want the GH to be fighting the water and the PF.

Are ending temperatures of 197 or 198 to low?

If I can get roughly the same results, stable temps and utilize the flush, pause and go method, I suppose thats the way to go. I'm sure each machine is a little different in how fast it recovers. If I wait to long, then my water is too hot and my GH is too hot. I assume I will know this by watching the temp gauge during the shot and toward the end. But its hard to really tell what is going on in the PF when I only have a GH temp gauge.

Oh well, the shot never lies. I have decided to start drinking just espresso for a while (no milk drinks which I love) so I can really taste the results based on a variety of conditions. Before, it was so bad, milk was my only salvation.


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The springless PF is always kept in the machine save for the time it takes to insert/remove the basket.

I grind directly into a spare cappy cup and perform a rather vigorous WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique) on those grinds for about 5 seconds. I discard the first several seconds of the grinds.

I spoon 15g of those grinds into a dry LM ridgeless basket (basket only) resting on an inexpensive digital scale. I distribute the grinds in a N-S-E-W and basket rotation fashion with my index finger. I view basket prep as being one of the key ingredients to a consistent shot. I tamp the grinds down straight and level with about 20 lbs force.

As regards the "flushing to" temperature, it doesn't have to be 185; try 186 or 187 - that will reduce recovery time.
Are ending temperatures of 197 or 198 to low?
That's tough to say because so much depends on when you are stopping the shot, the volume of shot you are pulling, and the general temperature range you are shooting for.
Oh well, the shot never lies.
That's a very good way of stating an old adage.

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