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new member here, and just coming across this thread, so sorry for the revival for a tangential question, but was wondering if anyone has tried such single baskets/tamper on a la spaziale that would optimize a smaller dose like this? i found the ims 'the single' for spaz but only in 10g.
i struggle with the stock single basket unless i dose 12-14 grams. finer ground and it extracts too long (or chokes), lighter dose or coarser grind and it extracts too quickly.
i wonder how the 10g basket would do with a 7-8g dose if I can't find a 7-8g basket?
any experience or insight appreciated.

edit: just realized chris coffee lists the ims 'the single' in 7g for spaziale, but out of stock. so, glad to know it does exist.


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I really didn't like the IMS Single. It didn't pre-infuse well, it donuted too easily, and it wasn't suited for experimentation. Profoundly disappointed.

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Just to add an anecdotal data point from me. I too got an IMS competition single basket (10/12g H24mm) recently based on what I read in another thread. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work as well as the LM single basket. The shot tastes softer and with less body, but is also noticably weaker in strength. For my partner's flat white, the shot from the IMS basket doesn't stand up to milk as well as the shot with from the LM basket (despite using more coffee in the IMS basket). It is possible my technique is not up to scratch. :P YMMV.


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Anyone have experience with Decent 7g and 10g single baskets?

I have all 7 DE baskets, niche zero, and ECM Synchronika enroute. I'm hoping to be able to pull a great single shot in the Afternoon without throwing away a shot.

For distributor I have the new DE puck rake for WDT, Ona OCD V3, and DE tamper v3. So I assume I could get a good distribution on a single basket from DE?

Any tips on the 7g vs 10g, how to adjust grind setting vs a double? Or if a different brand single basket would be superior to DE? Or if I need a smaller tamper with the DE single basket like some mentioned?


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dsc106 wrote:Anyone have experience with Decent 7g and 10g single baskets?
I use the Decent 10g basket when I don't have enough beans left to fill my usual 15g VST basket. The Decent requires a very fine grind at 10g, so I often updose to ~11g. For smaller singles, I use the Strada 7g basket, but that requires a 49mm tamper.


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anyone tried the wiedemann 41mm funnel, tamper and strada 7g basket?


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The form factor looks the same as the Tidaka 7g, but Tidaka lets you choose from three different heights and finishes.

Is there a U.S. distributor for wiedemann?


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dont think so and the price is about $25 more than tidaka but the weidmann tamper seems better looking as well as the funnel plus their website has an english version.

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the weidmann Is probably a better quality than mine, but after six months of continued use I am quite satisfied with this tamper: "La Marzocco" 41mm tamper (for the Tidaka funnel)
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do you know if the la marzocco convex tamper's 41mm side will fit the tidaka / weidemann funnels? trying to see if i need to order the tamper as well.