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It's interesting, i also got a new machine (Synchronika) and Niche after coming from a Breville infuser and am having the same issues. What pressure were you using on the Breville? I also have my ecm at 9.5 bar currently so i wonder if the issue is too high of pressure causing bad channeling. I dropped to 8 bar and will do some more testing.

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cafeIKE wrote:Try reducing the pressure to ≈8.5 bar on the puck.

I know it's heresy, but IMO, WDT does not ensure even distribution. It will break up large clumps, but I've always lived near the coast and never had the horrible clumping issues as shown in some images. WDT creates a lot of furrows, possibly migrating fines to the basket bottom. IMO, the Niche directly into the PF and the spreader precludes it and provides a more constant cup with the coffees used here.
I share a similar view. WDT is not a must in my normal work flow unless I actually see some observable clumps in those dry days. I pull a few shots with WDT but the issue persists, at least I can rule out the possibility that "not using a WDT" is the sole cause of this issue here.
coffeechan wrote:I find WDT hit or miss. Sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't depending on how fluffy or clumpy the grinds are.

Depending on the grind settings, pre-infusion could take up to 13-15 seconds depending on how fine I tend to grind. The default PI pressure for me is 55% of 9bar and first drops come out at 13-15s (indicating that the puck is saturated and ready to extract) so 4s pre-infusion and 4s rest could be too short. Adjust the flow after depending on the type of coffee and taste.
Let me give this a try later when I have the time to do so. Will try to grind finer and try a few more second of PI at 4-5bar by controlling the flow paddle manually.