What is the proper way to position a non rotating steam wand?

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I have an ECM Giotto from 2000 that I've refurbed. It works great, including for steaming-- especially with the brand new steam and hot water wands I installed. The one issue with it is that the steam and water wands are the non ball-joint kind, which means they only rotate on one axis, so the steam wand can only be angled out to the side rather than towards the user. I can steam well on it, but I have to move to the side of it to get in the correct position. Is there something I'm missing here? Is there a better way to position the wand when it won't angle forward? Or am I supposed to just put the jug sideways or something? Here are some pics so you can see what I'm talking about.

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What does the tip look like?

IMO, with a two hole tip, a line through the holes should pass through the pitcher center point. Position the the tip near the wall so there is no screaming and a good 'frying bacon' sound until the volume has doubled and then plunge and adjust position to get a good rolling to incorporate the foam.

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I have a number of tips, but the one that's currently on there is an Isomac 2-hole.