WDT Tool Pin Shape

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#1: Post by Nunas »

I've only ever used a homemade WDT tool, consisting of some needles shoved through a wine cork. And, I rarely use that. Nevertheless, I was thinking of getting one and did a quick Amazon search. I noticed a bunch of WDT tools with little loops on the end, as opposed to straight ends, like my needles. I'd like to hear from anyone who has used both the straight and the loopy :lol: versions, as to which one works the better.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

Credit to Stéphane Ribes and Puck prep study

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#3: Post by baldheadracing »

Levercraft easily. I've converted my loopy tools (Londinium, Creativewerks) to have finer straight tines like my Levercraft.
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