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It's great that you have a top notch roaster near you, but agree with the group on allowing the beans to degas (release their CO2). Actually ask the roaster when their beans are at their best. I have a medium roast that peaks at 7 days, and a med-dark Kenya AA that is best from 14 to 21 days after roasting. Before these beans degas, I'm sort a chasing the wind. That CO2 does strange things in a pf under heat and pressure.
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RapidCoffee wrote:I don't believe the primary problem is puck prep. You probably don't want to hear this, but you are trying to make espresso with marginal equipment. Delonghi espresso machine? No comment. Baratza Virtuoso? Decent grinder for non-espresso brewing (I've used one for years), but not for espresso. As you have already found, the adjustment steps are too coarse. If you're serious about espresso, consider upgrading both your grinder and your espresso machine.

Another potential problem: coffee beans. Only two days rest? Is this a home roast?
I have to agree (about the "marginal equipment"). And with all due respect, I think WDT is at best, a workaround for grinders that produce clumpy grounds. It has helped a lot of users, but it's not a solution or even an improvement for everyone. I'd suggest trying to grind directly into the PF, and skip the WDT. Make sure you use a well fitted tamper. I saw a huge improvement when I got a tamper that fit more closely to my basket.