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wdt works.
acu needles gives best results.
i have better result above 3 needles, but not above 7 needles. try find what works for you.
i used to use clove distributor, level tamper, paper clips, fork.. whatever pointy stuffs.

now i just wdt and use a satisfying classic 58.4mm normal tamper (nothing beats that rage press! feels)
my results with bottomless + singles or vst15 has obvious improvement in consistency, and cups are never better.

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I just noticed that the newest WBC champion, Anthony Douglas, used and credited the Weiss Distribution Technique in his winning performance a couple days ago. He used a WDT gadget that I don't think we've seen before that fits atop a dosed portafilter and lets you spin the needles using the palm of your hand. Quick and easy for use in a commercial bar setting.

You can see it in action at 1:16 / 15:00 in his routine on YouTube:

His routine used WDT, then OCD, and a leveling tamper.
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The tool is called the autocomb from barista hustle, although there are really any details on the tool itself or the price. I'm guessing the version used is an early test version that I'm sure will now have a lot of interest in now:


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Thanks Adam! I looked but was unable to find it. Here's a snip from Barista Hustle's web site teaser:

Does look like it may be a pricy tool. I like that Anthony Douglas referred to it as a Weiss tool, crediting the early advocate of this funnel and needle stir technique. (John Weiss is the W in WDT, aka RapidCoffee here on HB.)
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Morgan, the US champ, also did WDT.

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#36: Post by homeburrero replying to LiteCoffee »

Good catch! I hadn't noticed that. For the espresso course (but not the sig drinks) Morgan (who finished second at the world championships) did quietly use a simple multi-needle tool. Did not use an ODT type groomer, just went straight to a levelling tamper after the WDT.

P.S. [edit addition]
Of the top six WBC 2022 finalists, the only one who did not WDT was Claire Wallace, who just used an OCD like tool. Takayuki Ishitani used a simple multi-needle hand stirrer, and both Benjamin Put and Patrick Rolf used the Duomo Eight tool.
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I think this post is settled too :D


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Jake_G wrote:As much as it pains me to admit it, I think the thing that changed the perspective is the DE1.

The feedback you get from the DE1 charts shows that no puck prep almost always results in micro channeling during the pull.
I'd suggest a much cheaper alternative to a DE1 is to insert filter paper disks in the puck. They create an imprint of the flow uniformity, exposing channels. Filter paper shot forensics


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Though I often even get clump free grinds once I do RDT, I do it for the sake of consistency, and it also distributes really well and goes beneath the surface unlike exclusively using an O/NCD or something similar.
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I begin to use a WDT and I must admit it's a nice tool but I don't understand what is happening now with all these job aids. WDT, distributor, paper filter, dynamometric tamper, etc.... So no more real Barista who can make old school espresso shot like 10 years ago. :shock: It begin to look like Jura or Nespresso machine with no human skill required to make a good espresso shot. :lol: