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That second video is from 2004 but looks and sounds more like from the 80's. :shock:

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PPapa wrote:I had a look at Mr Espresso (not familiar with it as I'm not in the US)... not impressed by the fact they don't even list varietals.

I bet you would get more value either buying better beans or upgrading a grinder before you need a Moonraker.
Well, PPapa, I like the coffee. I bought it after I read the review listed above. I use Essse Masini, or Miscela d'Oro Grand Crema too. I'm a simple Italian espresso guy. No third wave. No pre-infusion nor profiling. No fruitbombs. Just a La Marzocco Linea Mini, 9 bars, no fancy baskets as they seem to overextract for me, 17 gms in 32 gms out. 2X/day. If you know of any higher quality beans that offer no acidity and chocolate predominant with thicker mouthfeel flavors then please PM me so as not to derail the WDT/Moonraker ideas. And P.S., I do have a Kafetek MC6 on order. Cheers! :)

The main idea of the thread was how to use an "automatic" WDT tool that operates without a funnel on fluffed up coffee that is over the rim, by tapping, fluffing, wedge distribution, etc. My idea was that if I tap the basket, use a spinning Moonraker (expensive) or similar product 3D printed (way above me), I wouldn't need the wedge distribution. As someone stated, the more steps, the more time and chances for non-uniformity. When the MC6 comes, I'd love to grind direct to the portafilter, tap, Auto-WDT with whatever tool, and ForceTamp - just like the Moonraker video. To me, that takes out the most variables.

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Sorry, not trying to distract from the subject and good to clarify your preferences.

The way I see it, the WDT and fancy gadgetries are a lot more important when trying to increase the extraction, which is more relevant with high quality and light roasted coffees. Hence the suggestion, that perhaps it's not the wisest to buy a Moonraker when you're still using a Niche. Ultimately, it's not my money to spend.

Back to the topic, I would wait for a second generation auto WDTs as they will improve and drop the price. My money would be on BH AutoComb if I bought one (I would have if I didn't have three WDTs already, incl. Sworksdesign with stand).

Oh, and ditch the wedge distributor.