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I know enough about what I'm doing to know that I have a lot to learn -- an "experienced newbie" is how I describe myself, and certainly many people here know a great deal more than I. That said, and just for reference (and possible thread-drift), I present the following in the For Whatever It's Worth Dept.:
shadowfax wrote:The Mahlkönig K30 has much easier timer adjustment on it than the modded Anfim SC, producing very repeatable, if generally quite clumpy doses....
I've had my Mahlkönig for a little over two months now. Figure I've run between 8-10 pounds through it, and I've noticed that -- even with different orders from the same coffee roaster -- the "clumpiness" (if that's a word) from the Mahlkönig K30 Vario can vary quite a bit.

I have not taken the grinder apart to clean the burrs specifically, but I have run "Grindz" through it every couple of weeks or so (used according to directions), as that's what the guy at Mahlkönig recommended.

I've chalked up the variation in clumping to humidity. The more foggy it is in the mornings, the more clumping there seems to be, but a) I admit I haven't been paying "serious" attention to it to date, and b) it still isn't enough that I would deem it a significant issue for me. I'm still quite happy with my grinder, and I am, quite easily, getting "quite reproducible" and consistent shots with my grinder-and-machine setup.

This doesn't mean there is no room for improvement, of course, and anytime Chris, you want to come across the Bay and play on my machine while I take notes . . . . :wink:

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