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Stuggi (original poster)

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What's special about your preinfusion? I'm thinking about getting the A3 (which should be a T1 without the volumetric stuff) so I'm quite interested... :)
Sebastian "Stuggi" Storholm
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#12: Post by dsc »

Hi Stuggi,

there's nothing special per se, it's just the fact that Elektra's don't have preinfusion, instead they fit a gicleur in the group.

If you're interested you can check out my thread here:

Adding preinfusion to my Elektra - pros/cons


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Stuggi (original poster)

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BTW, James, what's that funky tamper I see both you and Stephen using? The grooves in the puck makes me think of those Japanese stone-gardens... again very Zen... :)
Sebastian "Stuggi" Storholm
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#14: Post by ChrisC »

Is it Reg Barber's new ripple base?

See here, at the bottom:



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That Reg Barber ripple base sure is unique. What's the logic for it?

Regarding the Versalab M3, I've owned one for a few years (one of the earliest made). It's been a champ. It dispenses perfectly clump free grinds in a nice, even mound. The mound has a depression in the center, like a volcano crater, but it works fine to just tamp and go. For me the big plus of the grinder besides its grind quality is the lack of mess, very infrequent need to clean the grinder (which only takes a minute) and minimal grounds retention (so you can brew different coffees for successive shots with essential no contamination). The only drawback is that it grind speed is just a tad over 1g/sec. Also, without the optional dosing hopper beans can sometimes jump out of the bean chamber (I solved this by installing a sleeve of acetate to enclose the space above the bean chamber, and with a slot in it through which I can dump the beans.


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#16: Post by nixter »

To Canuck... if you're only making one shot at a time I'd pass on a HX. Just my opinion.


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Why would you say that?
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#18: Post by malachi »

Trying to use certain "pro" techniques (especially ones used for competition) at home is likely to result in some frustrations.

There is little to no similarity between the modified Anfim and any home (or prosumer) grinder. In fact - there is little similarity between an Anfim and the vast majority of commercial grinders.
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Stuggi (original poster)

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The fun thing is that I'm having best results on my La Pavoni doing little more than the pro's, I only rap down the coffee and tamp it lightly, tap it, tamp again and polish. The WDT does not add anything in the cup, and the stockfelt does not work since I underdose to ten grams. I do not on the other hand have a naked PF, so I'm not sure how the extraction is, but if I can't find any difference in the cup, for now, that's good enough for me. After xmas, I might be super anal with updosing and the WDT, since I have a new PF coming in, but for now, everything is good.

BTW, a modded Anfim and a normal on does still grind the same don't they?
Sebastian "Stuggi" Storholm
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#20: Post by shadowfax »

I don't believe there's any difference in grind quality between the modded Anfim and the stock. The titanium burrs are the only thing that would affect that, and they are a 'stock' option. It's a stepped grinder, even the modded ones, unless you count the crazy Macap-style EPNW mod.
malachi wrote:There is little to no similarity between the modified Anfim and any home (or prosumer) grinder. In fact - there is little similarity between an Anfim and the vast majority of commercial grinders.
Really? I can think of lots of similarities to big-name commercial grinders. The Mahlkönig K30 has much easier timer adjustment on it than the modded Anfim SC, producing very repeatable, if generally quite clumpy doses. It's cleanliness, depending on dosage, is comparable to that of the Anfim. The Mazzer Major has even larger flat burrs than the Anfim, but certainly seems similar in that respect (massive flat burrs). My own modded Robur doses about as clean as the Anfim. I'm really confused by the hype surrounding the grinder, having played with it a bit. It doesn't strike me as all that superior to the other big players--and I haven't even gotten to play with a Compak yet...
Nicholas Lundgaard