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exidrion wrote:Yeah, their IG feed videos have me puzzled. They're stuffing 20g+ of Ethiopia or other fruit forward coffees into the basket and it's just a slowww drip drip type of microscopic ristretto. Although in my reading apparently this is a common Seattle thing?
I remember back in 2006 my first trip to Espresso Vivace. I love that place. Later I thought it was inconsistent sounds like maybe they are back, and maybe Synesso is back as the machine? I think they went to Black Eagle for a while. I went to the SCAA convention there many years ago and that was the machine of the show.

In Seattle I recall that with lighter roast they were doing a flow limited shot on the Slayer which was supposed to be the way to get light roast to taste better in espresso setting. It was like a drip drip kind of thing with much longer shots.

I really wonder what Dave is doing now it does sound quite different than I recall. I have not been there since 2014 or so.

Nice to hear people still talking about Espresso Vivace. That book was my first real dive into reading about espresso. I think Rao and Hoffman have supplanted Schomer but he is a legend.