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#11: Post by malachi »

cafeIKE wrote:Move on. Taste trumps numbers Six Ways to Sunday...
What's in the cup is what matters.

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#12: Post by TomC »

This makes me think of Scarlet City Espresso. Jen St Hilaire was Schomer's acolyte. She opened Scarlet City Espresso in Emeryville several years ago, but didn't survive for the long term. I really loved her rendition of espresso. Her overstuffed 21g baskets barely wetted the bottom of a small demitasse. No joke. And anything they touched dairy-wise was effing fabulous too.
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#13: Post by exidrion replying to TomC »

What makes them different and appealing? Moreover, how do you even get anything drinkable? I assume they don't use a flat 9bar...

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#14: Post by baldheadracing replying to exidrion »

I'm willing to bet a flat 9 bar profile. Triple ristretto, 21g in, 7g out in 30 seconds ... not that anyone ever used scales or a timer 8). It's what got me into espresso.
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Hmm - I will have to experiment with this then to see what it's all about :mrgreen:

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#16: Post by yakster »

maccompatible wrote:Just went to Vivace a couple weeks ago. They had about 8 modded niche zeros, all with huge hoppers on top. I had to double check with the barista I ordered the right thing because I swear there was only like a half ounce of liquid in the cup after I watched them stuff the basket as full as possible. That's their standard espresso. I'd guess like 20g in and AT MOST 16-18g out. Quite an experience, and completely different from the 2:1 shots I was pulling at home with the same beans.
I used to get the same sort of espresso from Jen St. Hilaire, of Scarlet City Coffee Roasting when they were still in business in Oakland. She used to roast for Vivace.

Oops, just saw Tom's post, I guess I'm not the only one with this thought.

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#17: Post by ShotClock »

I remember reading a post on here from someone who previously worked at Vivace. They claimed to have measured the shot as 20g in, and something like 7g out if I remember correctly. Really an ultra ristretto.

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Just noting that I found the post I was thinking of on the Kafatek forum. Apparently everything was done by eyeball, and when measured it turned out to be 22g in, and 8g out!!!


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I'd guess like 20g in and AT MOST 16-18g out.
I don't get what's notable about this. It's a ristretto, just with a few more grams of coffee.

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#20: Post by Jeff »

It's a second-wave ristretto, by the master of blending, roasting, and extracting in that style.