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jesawdy wrote:The Silvia is such a quiet machine isn't it?:lol:
Ha ha, I keep forgetting to mute the audio :)
mrgnomer wrote:Nice Silvia pull! I counted 35 sec on that extraction which puts it into a ristretto range. It pulled like a ristretto. The volume looked high. Was that a double or triple?
Thanks! I cheated a little by using pure MM :). It was a 16g double in the standard Silvia double basket, not sure what the volume was becuase I pulled it straight into 4oz water for an americano.


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Just recently made a jump in the home espresso world with my Anita Quickmill. Was hoping to get a diagnosis on this shot. To get you up to date, I ground about 16g into a small dish then stirred it around and spooned it into my (double) basket. Used my pinky to distribute in a circle (kind of a stockfleth), tamped once with a convex, polished, and pulled. This is a SO Guatemala three days off roast. I still don't have the hang of knowing what is too blond to stop the shot.
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so now i finally did a video on my box. Sorry for the shaking, my tripod still has a umbrella attached so i couldnt use it now.

Faema STAR E81 with a brand new Mazzer Mini. I overfilled the basket, did wdt, and "stockfleths" with a chopstick (my fingers just dont seem to be useful for stockfleths, i always compress the grounds). The dose is about 15g and headspace a bit more than a 20 euro-cent coin is thick. The beans are a 50 Brazil Fazenda Rainha bourbon, 25/25 Columbia La Esperanza - Guatemala Finca El Bosque blend homeroasted with the Gene to the first ~15seconds of the 2nd crack (post-roast blend) rested about 5 days.
The shot tasted a slight bit sour (could be too cold since i'm still having some temperature issues). But i also have a question - do you think the shot ran too blond (as far as one can see - lighting sucks i know, sorry)? I always have the feeling the shots are quite blond, but i'm not really sure.

Thanks in advance, and greetings from germany
- Dario

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HB (original poster)

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NebuK wrote:But i also have a question - do you think the shot ran too blond (as far as one can see - lighting sucks i know, sorry)? I always have the feeling the shots are quite blond, but i'm not really sure.
The striping looked even and I saw no evidence of channeling. Take a look at the video When did this espresso extraction go blond? and the comments. It isn't easy to see, but the "pucker" appears around the 18-20 second mark; blonding usually sets in around 5 second later. It could have been cut off a few seconds earlier to reduce the sour taste you noticed.
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Here is a triple. I upped my pressure to 10-bar and the espresso is great. This shot ran forever and was a thick sweet milk chocolate. The blend is a 14-day old Classic Italian Espresso Blend from Sweet Maria's. I let them roast it this time.

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A couple of videos for (my La Pavoni :wink: :) ) inspiration:
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Paying attention to my brewing temps and the return of the WDT my espresso has improved very much...
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Now to the epic moment...

Ladies and gentelmen,
after over 2.5 years,
thanks to great kindness of John B., opportunity created by Keith and loads of luck
I got a triple basket for ma La Spaziale!!! wooo-hooo! :D

In the honor of all of this I want to share with you my video of one of my first triple shots:
I'm kinda fortunate lately for I got a new mobile too and it has a video-cam, hopefully my another filming attempts show a progress and firm acquisition of new skill. 8)

Btw if anyone's interested, it's the Dalla Corte triple basket inside a specially modified Vivaldi portafilter, and I don't think the basket will ever get out of it but anyway it's not needed, I got them both together and my stock nude pf (which I got right after buying the machine with ton of other tools thanks to Niko K.) is untouched.

Thanks for your attention,
'a a ha sha sa ma!

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Koffee Kosmo

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This is a double shot with my Bezzera Galatea
Beans - Sumatra Blue Linton (home roasted on the KKTO Roaster)
It was recorded more to show the thick ooze of the coffee as it drops into the cup
You can also hear the trickle in the video
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What is the current pressure on Galatea ? At this shot what was the maximum pressure ? I have galatea's twin sister ,Giulia . I think this is a tight shot and also a short shot .