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I use the levercraft tool and was an immediate believer just due to how quick and easy it is. When I am done with real full depth wdt I gently rake the top to pretty it up a bit. You can use simpler tools though and I did for years. Some gentle side tapping and a less gentle down tap before tamping can smooth and level the surface. And in fact I still do that anyway even with levercraft tool.


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Exactly what Nate42 said. Early on when I first started using the LeverCraft tool, I experimented with using a distribution leveling tool and personally found that it created more channeling. I found that after a few good deep swirls, I bring it up to the surface and perform a gentle "groom" to level. One or two gentle down taps and I'm ready to tamp. I grind using a MFlat and trust me if your puck prep isn't super will know it in an instant.
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Derryisreal wrote:In my experience, the thinner the needles, the better. 0.4 mm is too thick, I am currently using a Sworksdesign WDT with nine 0.22mm needles with spring base. Works excellently. The tool is somewhat pricey, but it is a night and day difference from DIY solutions.
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I'm on some meds that kill my memory, one of those being that I replied to this thread a month ago. Ok... Since then I read a lot and ordered some acupuncture needles that actually came in a 3D printer cleanning kit ( :shock: The needles were much thinner than the sewing needles and tooth picks that I'd created a month ago. In addition, the butt ends of the needs have springs and I clipped off the pointy tips like someone else. I drilled a cork and installed 4 of them and this later concoction seems to be doing a much better job.

But like others have said, the top surface seems bumpy, but a tap on the counter fixes that, and probably settles the grounds on the bottom. But sometimes the surface is a bit uneven. IS IS SAFE TO CONCLUDE THAT IF ALL ELSE WITHIN THE PUCK IS CONSISTENT, A LEVELER (cheap OCD knockoff) , if not going too deep as if to tamp, would just LEVEL OFF THE SURFACE GROUNDS so that tamping would be more even? I know the leveler isn't tamping because when I tamp the tamper goes in another 1/16"- 3/32" or so until I can feel everything compact without using a ton of pressure?

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I went "all in" and dropped $3 on mine. works fine as best i can tell. uses acupuncture type needles.



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When I upgraded my basket from what was original on the Synchronika to a IMS BaristaPro my puck prep required "reworking". The prep that had worked well on the original basket was not good enough for the IMS. I did buy the Levercraft tool and use it every time.

It took some experimentation but I finally have a system that gives me nice shots.