Using Acaia Pearl modes without timer stopping for pour over?

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mason a
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I'm venturing into pour overs. I bought the Acaia Pearl and day 1 has been a disaster. Is it possible to pick up the entire V60 and carafe and swirl during the bloom phase without the timer stopping? So far, I hate the whole pour over process like it's my first day golfing. I made a huge mess and nothing worked. Took some deep breaths and realized it's day 1, but I'd like to be able to lift and swirl the bloom without the timer stopping if possible. I manually switched between modes and tried turning off/on the timer stop on cup removal function but the timer stops no matter what. Also bluetooth just refuses to connect.


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I've got the Lunar and just use it in manual mode. Tare and start/stop the timer yourself. It'll never reset or stop when you do that. All of the automatic modes will stop if you pull things off.

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Download the manual and see if any of the modes does what you want. You can hide the ones you don't use so it cycles the others.

Edit- ALSO make sure you have latest firmware
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mason a wrote: So far, I hate the whole pour over process like it's my first day golfing. image
I profoundly relate to this.

Sounds like you have the right mindset. Day 1 always has hiccups. It gets better.