Trouble with Klatch WBC... super acidic!

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Hey all I am looking for advice to salvage the pounds of Klatch beans I just got. I am pulling shots that are just short of drain shots. They are super acidic, painful as espresso, drinkable as a latte. I have been able to dial in beans before, but typically dial in and stick with some beans for awhile. Most recently I went through 15 lbs of redbird which I loved and dialed in quickly.

Current Setup:
Rocket Evo v2
Baratza Vario

Grind into jar and shake
Dump into PF
Distribution tool (OCD knock off from Amazon)

I have tried...
19g In 38g out
15g In 30g out
18g In 30g out

All between 30-40 secs

None of them close to what people have described of this coffee.

Please help!!!


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I'm working through 2lbs of WBC, roasted 5/1, right now. Just pulled a shot at 17g in, 30sec, and 30g out at 200 degrees on the tail end of the shot on my VBM JR. My taste buds aren't as refined as some on here but the shot isn't sour. I'd say slightly fruity and subtly sweet is what I'm tasting. This morning I pulled a 17g in, 30 sec, and 18g out equal part steamed milk and it was comfortingly sweet.

I had a vario awhile back and pulled WBC all the time with it. Don't think I ever remember it as too sour/acidic. What temp are you pulling at?


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I haven't tried that roast before, but fruity/floral espresso is usually better with higher yields in my experience. Try something at 1:2+.

I see they say it is a medium roast (not sure if medium filter or medium espresso roast). When I pull light espresso roast and light filter roasts, I aim for long preinfusion, higher temperature (202F) and 2.25 or 2.5 yield. You need the bitterness to calm down the acidity. I personally would play with those variables.

The other thing you could do is contact Klatch. I bet they have specific brew parameters that they would be willing to share. That would give you a starting point at least.

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#4: Post by iploya »

It's funny that you posted this the day before I posted on WBC vs. Belle (in the coffees subforum of this site). I just now saw this thread. I was struggling to get something drinkable as well. Maybe it's the current batch, or maybe it's just a more challenging blend.

I use the recipe Klatch puts on the bag as a starting point: 20g into 36g at 201F for 24-26s. I've been scaling that down to 18g in, 30g out (same brew ratio, not that one would necessarily expect the same result). I wasn't sure where to turn from there. I couldn't put my finger on it - was it too bitter or too sour (I still struggle with those concepts). But it was just plain harsh. Maybe it's what you said -- too acidic.

It's improved after upgrading my burrs the other day, but still not as smooth and forgiving as the Belle was. I'll try some of the suggestions in this thread.

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TheGriz wrote:I see they say it is a medium roast (not sure if medium filter or medium espresso roast).
They definitely mean espresso. This is the blend that Heather Perry used when she took 2nd place in the Japan WBC, and it won World's Best Espresso that year too. I'm pretty sure it was 2007.

I used to love much that back when I had a Silvia and a MACAP M4, it was my "go to" blend. I remember a friend complaining about how expensive it was, an I told him to find me anything that was better in the cup and Ill buy it.

I've since moved on. To me, the WBC, the Klatch House Blend and the Belle all border on dark roast. I've been using a real medium roast for many years, opting for beans that have the coloring of milk chocolate. They're smoother, less acidic, less bitter and have a more balanced flavor profile.


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doesn't it say something when they are hanging onto a title 'won' over 10 years ago?

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Well, that's not them saying that. It was me. They've continued to win numerous roasting awards and earn other accolades...such as numerous coffees rated highly on coffee review, with multiple roasts making it onto some of their best lists. They've also won the Golden Bean several times in recent years.

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#8: Post by yakster »

They've even expanded their presence into San Francisco with a cafe.

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Coffee Review is a great random number generator, but not much else. The using the same scale as cupping scores while being very decidedly not cupping scores is also a bit disingenuous imo. Especially when prominently displaying >90 scores as just a number.

Nothing against Klatch, I've too little experience with them to say, but I wouldn't trust a word Coffee Review says.