Trouble steaming milk on Rancilio Silvia V3

Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks.

#1: Post by cattycontessa »

I just got my new Rancilio Silvia V3 and I can't seem to make the microfoam using their new steam wand. I have just purchased the old one hole wand and I was wondering if anyone else have replaced theirs on their Silvia V3 and is it hard to do? I am challenged when it comes to mechanical things.

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#2: Post by kahvedelisi »

asking out of curiosity.. why are you replacing the whole steam wand instead just replacing 3 hole tip with a single hole one?
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cattycontessa (original poster)

#3: Post by cattycontessa (original poster) »

I couldn't find just the tip and it appears that tip is soldered on to the wand. Is there a way to change just the tip and where can you buy it?

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#4: Post by kahvedelisi »

well actually it's not soldered :) use a slipproof towel or something made of rubber, with one hand hold the wand (make sure the wand is cold and not to burn yourself, maybe it's better you do it when your machine is off or before you purge steam) with your other hand and with the help of slipproof towel, gently turn the tip clockwise. don't be afraid to apply a little pressure, nothing will break :) after first time it will be easier to take it off. here's a video I made, showing how to
you will see a little ring shaped black gasket, be sure you don't lose it, then just replace the old tip with new one. actually these new wands on silvia are identical to other rancilio machines'. I have an epoca and it's exactly same wand. epoca also comes with these 3 hole tips, but I got an extra 4 hole tip from rancilio turkiye distributor. besides a friend of mine --who has a ns oscar-- was working on steam tips for his machine, we found epoca and oscar are compatible so he gave me several brass tips to try (chrome ones are original rancilio 3 hole and 4 hole ones)

so since I'm not living there I'm not sure where you can find one for yours but I recommend watching this video and reading comments written there (I checked their site but couldn't find info about the tip, if you can give a call to them, in youtube comments they say they have 1 hole tip) their site -->
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#5: Post by cksaurus »

I am also struggling with the new 3 hole Silvia steam tip to make microfoam and searched around on the web to look for single hole tip. It is just too difficult to control the steam bursting out in 3 different directions. If anyone knows where to find one, appreciate if you can let me know.
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#6: Post by blueface »

Hi All...anyone out there having successful milk steaming with Silvia 3 steam holes? So far, I managed to have micro-foam but not creamy enough. What did I miss out? Also, which position should the steam wand be in order to create a strong swirl? Thks.

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#7: Post by kahvedelisi »

a video I made showing how to steam with a 3 hole tip (silvia v3 has the exact same tip and wand)

don't tilt the wand all the way. make sure the tip of your wand is perpendicular to ground. don't tilt your pitcher right away. aim the tip of your wand to pitcher's center and start stretching, after that phase "slightly" tilt your pitcher to side

later I will post another video showing what happens if you try 1 hole or 4 hole steaming technique with a 3 hole tip. it takes 6-7 hours for vimeo to process and convert a single file.. I wonder if they re-shoot the video during that much time :?
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#8: Post by Endo »

I struggled going from a 1 hole tip to a 3 hole tip as well.

The thing is, they require a different technique.

The trick is in the rolling stage:

1 hole tip: use the side of the pitcher (think whirlpool)
3 hole tip: right in the center of the pitcher (think rolling boil)
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#9: Post by kahvedelisi »

thanks to a friend from turkish coffee forums, now I have frontal pictures of his silvia v3, here --shown with red-- how you should position the steam arm and hold your pitcher straight, no pitcher tilting at the begining.

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#10: Post by Marshall_S »

I'm in a related predicament:

I recently upgraded from Ms. Silvia (one-hole steam tip) to an Anita with a two-hole tip and struggling to get good microfoam.

Wondering if the same advice/technique applies to a two-hole steam tip or if another technique is more effective-

Thanks much-