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#31: Post by kahvedelisi »

yes we're clearly not speaking the same language.. oh thankfully!

anyway which part of this sentence "for $600 range this is max they can" you didn't understand? cos it simply means "for $600 this is the max you get"

would you prefer me to repeat it in academic turkish? "600 dolar'a elde edebileceğinin maksimumu budur" or in turkish slang "600 papel'e anca bu olur" or in french? "money money money" ;)

about writing to rancilio, maybe it was your luck cos last time I wrote to them about my md40 order I received an md50 with apologies cos they wouldn't be able to meet the deadline if they waited for md40 production. yeah they were nice enough to offer md50 same price as md40 you know they didn't have to.

PS. implying about "language".. classy move
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#32: Post by HB »

Before replying to the point made above, I respectfully ask that posters take the tone of this discussion down a notch. Thanks.
kahvedelisi wrote:not a single cafe owner in their right mind will purchase a single gr. quickmill vetrano or vibiemme domobar or expobar brewtus or la spaziale mini.
Certainly not a cafe owner, but "incidental cafes" buy one groups from these companies. That's why some manufacturers go through the trouble/expense of obtaining NSF certification. Of course others don't bother because it costs money and their home use clientele don't demand certification (though it's a worthy consideration even for insurance purposes).
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#33: Post by Endo »

Sorry Elif. Don't take offense. :!: I think you mis-read my post. It was a joke about Rancilio, not you or about anybody's language.

Of course I applaud you speaking many languages. I'm bilingual as well and live in a Province where English is the second language.
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#34: Post by kahvedelisi »

no offence taken since you added to original post "With Rancilio," part :)

and I apologize from forum members and readers if my tone was off. how to say.. hmm.. it sometimes happens "in the heat of discussion" :lol:

good day to all

ps. susan forget about the thermometer, at this point it's slowing your progress down cos you're watching it. burning some milk won't do any harm, starbucks sells burnt milk everyday, concentrate on your pitcher, milk and tip, you should hear tch tch tch sound, don't raise your pitcher till you're sure you have enough bubbles to swirl later and create microfoam. and when you start raising your pitcher up, do it slowly, just millimeter by millimeter. don't concentrate on perfect microfoam, try different moves, try to achieve some quality foam first, microfoam will come eventually. stay calm. you'll do it.
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#35: Post by cattycontessa »

Update: I received my one hole tip and after the third try I finally made microfoam!! Now I have done it three times in a row. I am so happy and I want to thank everyone for their posts in trying to help me.
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#36: Post by CUBANERO »

I tested the new steam tip too and its much better .Thanks to cattycontessa!