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csepulv (original poster)

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csepulv wrote:I've ordered a Decent Espresso 10g single basket; it has a different shape and hold pattern. I will see if it is any easier and report back.
I received the Decent Espresso 10g basket. It is much easier to pull shots with than the IMS single 9.5g basket. I have to grind much finer than my normal 17g VST basket, but it tool 3-4 shots to dial in the 10g single.

It is definitely much more finicky (to be expected) than a larger basket. But I found the IMS single to be nearly impossible to get a good shot, at least for me.

Pictures below. Left to Right: IMS 9.5 g single, Decent Espresso 10g single and VST 17g (for reference)


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well, the secret is in buying the "barista pro" (quartz coated with different profile, new version) 12 g The Single basket.
the old one is bit hard to work with, but still tastes way better than any doubles - when dialed in right.

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Hi Kolu,

Are you refering to this one?


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looks like that, but I would rather confirm with the distributor first. I'm referring to the 1460026 (LF number), 10-12 g, H24 mm, 269 holes according to the description at LF Spare part. still needs a bit coarser ground than VST, but their doubles and singles should at least work together, somehow (that wasn't exactly the case with the first type of The Single made by IMS for LF Spare Parts).