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Hi all.

I have been working as a barista for 4 months (I'm still a beginner) and have the basic knowledge of dialling in espresso. I have worked with commercial machines & grinders at work, but I am struggling to dial in a home machine.

I am currently helping my cousin to dial in espresso with his machine which is a Breville BES920 with Breville Smart Grinder Pro. I used 18g of coffee at the finest setting on the grinder. However, the shot took just 19 seconds to reach the 1:2 ratio and the pressure went up to 7 bars only.

Are there any solution to get my shot to 25 seconds? I have already tried to adjust the top burr of the grinder to the 4 setting as shown in the youtube link below, but that doesn't solve my problem. Also, I am using fresh beans which usually two days after the roast date.
Would appreciate if you can give me some tips to improve my shot with this setup.


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Welcome to H-B

You're probably on the right track of grind finer.

As I recall the Breville video, there are three positions. You may need to use the finest one.

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...and use fresh coffee. Store bought coffee that has a "best by" date is usually stale. Don't confuse "freshly opened" with "fresh". Finally, check the roast date; ideally it should be 2 weeks or less. If there's no roast date, it's usually stale coffee.
Dan Kehn