Trim your own portafilter paper filters with this 3D printed cutter - Page 3

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Thanks for giving the model a try, coffeemark. I have a couple of questions and notes that might help:

1) I can only see one side. I assume both of the blades are oriented the same direction. And I assume that you're rotating the cutter counter-clockwise only.

2) If you watch my demo video, you can see that I'm using my left hand to hold the base and the push down on the spindle. Pushing down on the spindle firmly is the most important thing. You need to prevent the filters from spinning when you spin the cutter.

3) Try flipping your spindle. I printed with PLA so the bottom of the spindle is smooth. If I press the paper with that smooth side, it doesn't work as well as when I flip the spindle and mate the rougher top edge of the print against the paper.

4) How many filters are you trying to cut at once? With genuine AeroPress, I get the best results cutting 2-3 filters at once.

5) Don't press down hard when you're rotating the cutter. If your blades are sharp, you should only need to apply downward force so the blades pierce the paper. Then left off. If the blades are share, they should cut without you needing to apply much rotational force.


Ah. I just saw your second response while Previewing my reply. Try to make sure the blades are as flush as possible to the flat edges of the cutter. If you really crank down on the bolts, it will flare out the blades, which is suboptimal.

I hope it works for you. Happy to help troubleshoot (more) if needed.


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I reprinted the spindle and did a "color change" at 40mm where I switched the filament to TPU. Hoping it will "grip" the paper easier. Once I get everything re-assembled with the new nuts, etc. I will let you know if this makes any difference.


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michang5, I have tried a various number of filters and 2 or 3 seems best.

Thanks for the troubleshooting help! Most appreciated.

I am certain I will get this right. I just need to wait for the proper nuts to arrive.

I will update as things progress.

Great design BTW!


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What type of blade works best? Is it just a blade from an exacto knife?

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The model was designed for #11 X-Acto blades like these: X-ACTO X-Life #11 Classic Fine... ... b_ap_share