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FWIW, my filament cost estimate for the base is less than $0.50, so consolidating multiple sizes into a single base would mainly reduce clutter. I like the notion of keeping the groove as narrow as possible to mitigate the paper warping under the blade and altering the cut size. Adding just a second groove could accommodate cutting disks for the top and bottom of the puck. For example, the disks I use are 55mm and 59mm for a VST 18g ridge-less basket.

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Here is a "multi-base" with 1mm* channels for all filter sizes notched into one base. I am skeptical that this will work - or will work as well as the individually sized bases - but I'd love to be proven wrong. If you try this, please report back. TIA. ... sp=sharing

*original bases have 1.5mm channels


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This is really cool! Great work!

I was considering making something like this, but hadn't got around to it yet.

Could it be modified to cut chemex filters to aeropress filter size? I really dislike the aeropress filters.

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Thanks for the kind words. Currently this only works with AeroPress filters. There seem to be a couple of options out there for fans of Chemex filters: Good Brothers sells them pre-cut and Amazon and Michaels sells circle cutters that most people try with Chemex or similar filters. Also, I have LOTS of AP filters and zero Chemex. ;)


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All good. Still a super cool design.

I have the good brothers filters, was just looking for a cheaper option.


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I have one of those cutters from Amazon. It took a few returns to get an actual good one but can confirm it works very well for Chemex filters.

I made about 500 in a batch and haven't made another batch yet.

That said, I feel like this approach would be infinitely better based on the video alone.


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michang5 wrote:If you don't have access to a 3D printer, consider buying from them.
You convinced me, and I am considering buying one, but the question is: would a cheap (€30ish) 3D printer do a job like this, or is something more sophisticated required?

Sometimes one wanders through hardware stores and online shops to look for a simple stupid object that is, yet, hard to find. A 3D printer, I suspect, would simplify life.

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I do not know. I purchased a Prusa printer for my first. They are known to be among the most reliable, but they charge a premium. Cheaper ones seem to require more modding and futzing.


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I printed one last night on my Prusa MK3S+ using Hatchbox PETG.

It printed without issue and I used brand new Exacto brand blades.

The first three filters I cut stacked, were almost perfect. The last few cuts I attempted tore the filters.

I have tried to get good cuts using various pressures, speeds, etc. No joy. It just keep tearing the filters.

I tried official Aeropress filters as well as generic non-bleached filters I bought from Amazon.

Not sure what I am doing wrong.


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I think I know where i went wrong. I used m3 nuts that were too "thick" and this caused a bulge in the side where the blades mount pushing them "off axis". I reprinted the main body and I'm waiting for the correct nuts to arrive tomorrow. I will report back.