To bellow or not to bellow....

Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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~5 months use of a single dose grinder (NicheZero). Recently picked up an inexpensive (~$10usd) bellow. With the summer indoors RH running in the 50-60% range the potential of static cling hasn't really been an issue. ~0.1gm of coffee retained. What I noticed after a few days of use was extremely fine grinds settling on the base or outside of the discharge chute. Almost invisible. Like fine dust on a sill that you don't notice until you run a finger through it.

My normal mode is now to "overdose" the first grind by 0.1gm. After last shot is pulled use the bellow as part of the clean up. With the minimal mass of the extreme fine grinds that the bellow purges I don't notice any effect on taste. No more bellowing after every dose. One less imho unecessary step.

Your opinions, grinder used.
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Grinder used--Niche.

On several occasions I've weighed the 'bellows blow out.' The highest was 0.09 grams. The medium is probably around 0.05. Not critical but I'll still do it if I remember b/c the bellows are there and it is kinda fun and it ain't no big deal. Then again it ain't no big deal if the bleary eyed me forgets.

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Retention varies with coffee and fineness.

On some coffees, puff the first grind and then reduce the second+ charge by up to 0.3g. On others, puff the first, no change on the second+ charge.

The only constant in espresso is there are none.