Tips needed for new Breville Dual Boiler owner

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I recently got a Breville Dual Boiler and have had challenges so far with pulling a good shot.

I have been using the Bambino Plus (paired with the Eureka Mignon Silenzio Grinder) for about three years now, and finally upgraded my machine since I have a large kitchen that can handle a larger machine.

I am still using the Eureka as my grinder, but have had a very hard getting the pressure up on my new machine. I am currently using the factory default settings (30 seconds, 200 degrees), and rarely can get the pressure above 5.

I've even set the grind so fine the Eureka can't grind anymore, but it seems like nothing I do can get the machine to slow/stop flow (where I normally try to go as a starting place with the Bambino, and then slowly make the grind coarser) or get up to 9 bars of pressure.

I am at a loss, I figured because I was able to get pretty consistent results with the Bambino the learning curve wouldn't be too hard here, but definitely feeling frustrated at this point.


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Welcome to the forum!

Are you keeping the dose the same between the Bambino and the BDB? I'm not a Breville user, but I understand that the basket size goes from 54 mm to 58 mm in the Bambino to the BDB. On the same dose, this will decrease the puck thickness necessitating either a finer grind or a higher dose to get the same resistance / pressure. If you're maxed out on your grinder, you may have to increase your dose. But I'd be curious if other Breville users would agree. Best of luck.

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Ditto, whats the weight of your coffee dose?
Tell us about your coffee. Start with when it was roasted.