Tips for making a better espresso drink?

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I recently got an espresso machine but my mother doesn't like milk with 3% fat in it (nor can she drink black). She prefers 1.5% which doesn't steam very well at all. How should I make my espresso drink? One idea I had was making an americano and then pouring some low fat milk. I think this gets a bit too watery though. Any other ideas?

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Welcome to HB! What type of espresso machine do you have? I have had some luck in steaming 2% milk. Yes it is a little watery....but healthier! What does your mother think of your Americano with steamed low fat milk?

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I use the Breville Express Impress at the moment.

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Milkfat does keep milk elastic and 4% ('whole') achieves microfoam more easily. 2% and skim will steam fine, but getting good microfoam with them takes a little more practice. 1% foam gets stiff pretty quickly. Shorten or eliminate the 'stretching' phase--the louder hiss and vigorous aeration at the beginning of milk steaming.

1% milk is more watery and thinner than 4%. Without milk fat, the texture may always be a little lacking. Maybe some interest in this recent topic, adding a drop of olive oil?

I make something like what you describe (an Americano Au Lait?) for my brother-- a short americano mixed 1:1 with steamed milk. Ratios of espresso to milk are ultimately about preference. Try a few and find out what she likes.
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