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#11: Post by crunchybean »

I meant:

1) put the sugar in the cup your are pulling your espresso into

2) pull the espresso on top of the sugar

3) take spoon and mix sugar completely into the espresso

4) add frothed milk on top.

Adding sugar into the milk can help encourage flavors but makes the steam wand a sticky hot mess, even harder to clean when cooled ( I'm talking about the inside of the wand, not the outside).

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#12: Post by Bret »

I've been putting sweetener (splenda for me, the little tablet version, sugar for guests that want it) in the milk for years. I pull the shots right into the cup, no go between shot glass. Works great in the milk, no reason to change there.

Sometimes with a straight shot I still want a little bit of sugar. Splenda does okay at that in terms of dissolving completely, sugar less so, but not a huge issue.

Keeping the frothed milk below 150F and closer to 140 also keeps the milk good tasting, too.


#13: Post by TenLayers »

Just wanted to give a small thanks to the OP. I make a milk based drink maybe once a week and when I do, I've been going "Canadian" with the maple syrup in the milk as I steam it. It's real satisfying that way so thanks for the tip.


#14: Post by HoldTheOnions »

Not a chemist so just :?: , but maybe has to do with maple syrup having some measure of inverted sugar in it. Also, regular sugar my be inverting to some degree when contacting the steam. Other thought, maybe the sugar is somehow inhibiting the milk proteins from breaking down.

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#15: Post by forbeskm »

Loved my maple syrup lattes! I miss them so, My body objects to the sugar now :(. I would steam abouta teaspoon or tablespoon in the milk pitcher. So tasty. Much better than just adding after the fact, it gave a smoother, less kick, it was nice.

There is something to be said for the crunchy sugar in the raw too.

Now I just steam the milk, 2%, no flavorings, no sugars.


#16: Post by Carmd1281 »

Seems crazy as the steamed milk is already sweet but I will have to try this to confirm first hand.
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#17: Post by Nunas »

Adding sugar into the milk can help encourage flavors but makes the steam wand a sticky hot mess, even harder to clean when cooled ( I'm talking about the inside of the wand, not the outside).
Good point, I should have mentioned this. Avoiding milk inhalation of the steam wand (with or without sugar) is easily avoided. Just don't leave the wand in the milk for any time after shutting down the steam. With my Magister HX (knobs), I left the steam on a tiny bit (not enough to splash) while pulling the wand out of the jug. With joysticks such as on my Synchronika, If one removes the jug immediately upon shutting off the steam, the bit of residual pressure in the wand will continue to flow, thus preventing inhalation. Following this procedure I've never had to clean the inside of a steam wand.

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#18: Post by TomC »

I've toyed around with sugar and maple syrup, even simple syrup in the past. I'd have to continue working on some sort of micro-dosing though, because it always ends up too sweet, unbalanced and distracting. Maybe I'll start using drops off the back of a demitasse spoon or something. I tried last night to just add a tiny bit of Vermont maple syrup into the steaming pitcher and it still ended up too much and undrinkable.

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#19: Post by forbeskm » replying to TomC »

I didn't mention that I grew up on the maple syrup in way upstate Ticonderoga, NY, we had a sugar shack at my middle school:). I can eat it with a spoon, that and my lattes are usually between 16-20
oz so the sweetness gets diluted

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#20: Post by MB »

@TomC - Something like a Visine eyedropper?
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