Storing high-end roasted coffee

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#1: Post by ShotClock »

I have received a quantity of extremely high quality roasted Gesha - one 4oz bag and another 8oz bag.

How should I store this in order to maximize my enjoyment? I was considering that I will drink a maximum of maybe 2x16g per day as pour over. Should I make sure that everything is rested 10 days and then freeze single doses? Is it better to get through it all fresh without freezing? Am I
overthinking it?

Thanks in advance.


#2: Post by chipman »

I think you will go thru the entire 12oz well before it starts to go stale.

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#3: Post by UseIt4Toddy »

Sound delicious and +1 for drinking and not overthinking. I wouldn't rest anything for 10 days, especially for pourover. Airtight container--mason jars if they're handy. Brew, drink, enjoy! #coffeeasproduce

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#4: Post by CoffeeMac »

I vacuum-seal my beans in 8-oz bags for long-term storage in freezer, then empty bag into mason jar stored in freezer for day-to-day use, grinding frozen beans as needed.
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Overthinking it is... Thanks