Storage of coffee beans and extraction time.

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I buy my beans at a local large Italian market. They have a large trade at their deli/sandwich counter and at their espresso bar. They roast beans every day. How can I store beans to keep them fresh? I keep mine in a pyrex glass which has a gasket seal and in a dark cupboard. I would like to buy 2 pounds at a time to reduce the number of 30/45 minute trips to the market. I have reduced the purchase amount to 1 pound on the last couple of purchases. One pound lasts me about 10 days.

I find that by about the ninth day, the extraction time for 1.5 ounces changes from normal 25/27 seconds to about 19/20 seconds. I use 18 grams of coffee. I try to put no more beans in the grinder hopper than enough for 1 day. At 19/20 seconds, the espresso is not drinkable.

Are the beans getting to be stale the cause of my problem? How can I keep the beans fresh, better container, vacuum container, or freeze small packets of beans?


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You're going to get a bunch of different answers to this. However, i can let you know what works for me.

I usually buy 2lb bags and take enough out to last me 5-6 days and store them in an airtight container in a pantry. The remainder I put in mason jars and freeze. I fill the mason jars as full as I can to leave as little air as possible. I'll then pull one out of the freezer the day before I'm ready to use them, to let them get to room temperature, before opening the jar. Opening the jar when still frozen can lead to condensation on the beans, which is not a good thing.

As far as your beans getting staler as they age and running fast, that is common. You simply have to grind a bit finer as they age to get you back to your range. You can also dose slightly higher to add more resistance in your puck.
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