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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

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HB wrote:The baristas at Intelligentsia advocate the Chicago Chop for barista-to-barista consistency and it uses a flat edged implement. I prefer "au naturel" because I can feel and adjust for the slightest change in resistance, differences so small that you can't see them.
That reads like exactly like i am doing for the time being. I didn't know it would have a name! :shock:
but it still needs to improve. I still don't get an even distribution and/or i really suck at tamping. today my 2 cups where as uneven filled as possible slight of one being totally empty, so water flows in one direction only at this moment and not evenly through the puck.

Still i want to try this stockflesh for dummies. Maybe i get a better feeling of distribution then.