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nixter wrote:Maybe you don't have to plug the holes when using a larger pitcher and more milk but with a smaller amount of milk and the power of the Oscar steam, plugging the holes makes sense I think.

I also own an Oscar. I had a $20 Krups prior to this that made very good microfoam: tight bubbles, excellent stretch. I've had my Oscar for about a week now. I've used soy milk, whole milk, 2% milk, etc.. I've read (and tried) most of the tips posted here. Pretty much, like you, I get very little foam and a lot of separation. It is possible that I'm expecting too much stretch and should focus more on a consistent foam without much separation. I'll keep practicing.

At full-open, the Oscar can get about 8oz of milk to go from 40 degrees to 160 degrees in about 10 seconds. I have to shut the steam off at 120 and the thermometer will coast up to 160. I believe it's steam capacity/pressure is designed similar to their commercial machines where they use large containers of milk. I called Nuova Simonelli and discussed the issue. They told me they make a 4-hole tip to address this particular problem that has a smaller diameter hole than the standard 4-hole tip that comes with the machine.

I'm not sure if I'm going to buy the Nuova Simonelli tip, but I'm definitely looking into using a tip that produces less volumes of steam yet at a higher pressure (if anyone knows of some good ones, I would appreciate your input).

I hope that helps. Since we both have Oscars, maybe we can share some of our experiences. I'm pretty much a newbie and I'm still trying to get a really good shot out of it. I bought it used (in excellent condition), but it may need backflushing, etc. Right now I'm practicing on some preground illy coffee to see if I can get my 20-30 second double shot right (watching the color, the crema,etc).

Anyway, good luck to you.


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Hi David,

Plugging 2 of the 4 holes pretty much solved the problem. Just make sure you plug 2 that are facing in a similar direction so that the remaining 2 will push the milk so as to create a swirling motion in your jug.

Keep practicing pulling shots! I'm quite happy with the espresso results I've had with the oscar so far. I did pick up a triple sized basket as I like rich, oily shots!


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The Oscar's 4 holes seem to be bigger than otehr 4 hole tip.
I also plug 2 hole to froth the milk but the milk don't be micro like I use EES-200 before.
Can some one suggest me that I shoudl keep plug 2 hole to frothing practicing or use Oscar orignal big 4 hole to practicing or just change 2 hole tip(It will be best if you can tell me where to buy.
Ps: I use motta 350cc lattiera with Oscar.
Is this lattier too small?
ps: Following is made by EES-200 not Oscar.