Steaming alternative milk with Bellman

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I am seeking a baseline to follow before I keep feeling like I waste ingredients (well not wasted, since it's tasty and I enjoy drinking it). I know this is as bad and tricky a setup as can be, but it's what I've got. I just let the Bellman heat up with the knob open to push air out for about 3 minutes, then I close it and let it heat up until the safety valve sputters, turn the heat down and I'm usually ready. I purge, then wipe the wand with a cool, wet cloth.

I've tried homemade oat milk with emulsified canola oil, however it did separate in the fridge. I don't know if I'll be able to make it at home, Oatly Barista uses various chemicals to resist separation and such. So, I'm back to soy milk since I prefer organic things, and Oatly isn't organic, and is expensive over time compared to my homemade oat milk which costs literal pennies to make.

Steaming soy milk with Bellman... I understand there's as much variation between soy milk brands as there is between actual milk and alternative milks. I'm just looking for a baseline.

1. open steam valve before submersion of wand tip? yes or no?
2. phase 1 : pitcher angle, relativity to center, wand depth, and steaming length?
3. phase 2 : is there a next phase or should I keep everything the same as phase 1?
3. phase 3 : same as above

I very much appreciate any help here.